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5 Geeky Online Dating Sites for GirlyNerds Who Date Smart

IntellectConnect touts itself as a “meeting of the minds” and is geared towards intellectuals looking to find other dates interested in flexing their intellectual muscles more than their actual ones.
October 10, 2010

10 Most Freakish Social Networking Sites

If you are sci-tech fans like those who verify Pythagorean theorem all night, you can find friends speaking the same language at Intellect Connect, who will enlighten your potential in science.
Funky Downtown
April 1, 2010

Single e Nerd? I Tuoi Problemi Sono Finiti!

Un sito di dating online per soli nerd! Basta con maniaci del calcio, discotecare imbecilli, bulli di periferia, sciacquette… qui ci sono solo secchioni e secchione…Allegria…
Lega Nerd
March 12, 2010

Ten Most Bizarre Social Networks [is] the social network for "brainy" people in the best sense of the word. Especially aimed at gifted and all those who need to share more than small talk.
March 1, 2010

IntellectConnect: The Social Network for Intellectuals and Geeks!

This social network is a meeting point for users searching for a significant other that is more than just a pretty face. A great idea, a little odd, but it demonstrates once again that the Internet is a place for everything.
Gustavo Martinez Blog
February 28, 2010

Ten of the World's Strangest Social Networks

If you're spending sleepless nights debating the Pythagorean theorem or calculating the molecular makeup of your sofa, connect with other likeminded brainiacs at Intellect Connect where you can "embrace your inner geek and someone else's, too."
February 23, 2010

10 Ways to Meet the Guy of Your Dreams

If you're tired of seeing the same disappointing profiles, don't give up on online dating all together. Instead, try a smaller site with a unique twist, like (for intellectual singles).
MIX 107.3 FM
September 02, 2009

Where Are All of the Available Men?

If hitting all the usual spots isn’t helping you find your soul mate, shake up your routine with some great new guy-meeting tactics, courtesy of the dating pros... If you're tired of seeing the same disappointing profiles, don't give up on online dating all together. Instead, try a smaller site with a unique twist, like (for intellectual singles).
July, 2009

Dating with the NERD Infection

By far, the hardest part about being infected with The NERD is finding that special someone who doesn’t mind the disease. Thankfully, there are a number of sites dedicated to this, like
Nerd Infection
May 14, 2009

The Ultimate Geek Dating Guide: 50+ Awesome Resources

IntellectConnect bills itself as the Internet's top meeting place for the artsy and intellectually curious. Translation: you're likely meet people on this site who're actually smart! A welcome change from most dating sites...
MAY 13, 2009

100 Places to Meet Nerdy, Smart and Artistic People

Find yourself an equally brainy date by going through []. It offers listings of events in your area where you can meet other singles who may just share your interests and intellect.
Soul Mating
September 16, 2008

Do's and Don'ts of Communicating in Online Dating

Admit it - if you're single, you've clicked around an online dating site. Or if not, you're at least a little curious. And you're not alone, because 74 percent of single Internet users in America say they have tried some form of online dating. Do shop around for the right site for you. The features and fee structures of each site vary, so look at a few before you pull out your Visa card. Many sites, like and Yahoo! Personals allow you to sign up for a free trial before you commit to a paid membership. Others, like, let you use all of their features for free.
January 3, 2008

Top 10 Dating Sites for Nerds

Tired of Internet profiles that list The Da Vinci Code under "favorite books"? Do you prefer Beethoven over Beyonce? If so, then you probably feel completely out of place on a majority of social networking sites. IntellectConnect was designed to bring friends and potential love interests together for intelligent conversation and cultural outings.
Free Geekery
October 10, 2007

A dating site for cultured people - at last!

I was really impressed by the quality of the people on this site. As someone who lives in the middle of the sticks, it's a godsend to find other people out there who actually enjoy the stuff that would get you socially shunned in my town (i.e., discussing art, politics, literature, ideas or...*gasp* wanting to date someone smart who has something more interesting to say than, "How r u?") Bravo!
May 18, 2007

In the New Dating Scene, the Attraction Is a Beautiful Mind

With matchmaking Web sites designed for all sorts of people, finding like-minded singles has become easier. Brainiacs are no exception., a Washington-area company, launched in August 2005 and has built up to 6,000 members, according to co-founder Cindy Embleton.
The Washington Post
April 16, 2007

Intellect Connect: A Meeting of the Minds [is] a dating site where "you don't need to apologize for having cerebral interests."
October 31, 2006

New Dating Trend For Busy People: Intellidating

For singles who hope to get married someday, one of the biggest challenges is finding the right place to meet people with similar interests. That's why Cindy Embleton created Embleton says one of her clients is an opera fan who struck out with traditional online dating sites. "He put in the word opera," says Embleton. "He found four women in his area. He looked into the profiles and found out that in all four cases, they had misspelled Oprah." Intellect Connect has only been up for a few months, but Embleton says she already has 1000 members.
December 9, 2005

Girl Next Door - Advice

Q: What are the best online dating sites for meeting smart, successful women?
A: Several sites cater to singles who graduated from top schools and/or who make career and intellectual pursuits a priority. The most cuties are on,, and
Men's Health

IQ Based Dating Sites - Intelligent Dating Sites

Looking for someone with a certain IQ for a date? Prefer to seek our partners that are intelligent? Then try [Intellect Connect] that caters to those with mensa-like IQ's, or merely folks with higher than average intelligence.

"I love you for your brain," is probably a line that you've heard many times over. Well, like it or not, this statement makes perfect sense. No one's going to look young and beautiful forever, so it would be best to find a mate that you can just sit and talk with for hours. understands this idea... If you’re the bookish type and you want to meet someone who shares the same interests with you, then head to and test out your love IQ. Talk about favorite films, paintings, museums, or whatever it is that tickles your brain. With, you're sure to find someone you're on the same wavelength with, and of course, there will be a chance at making a love connection as well.