Information for Advertisers is one of the few niche online dating web sites targeted towards smart, well-educated, intellectual singles. Over 14,000 members are currently registered and a large portion of those actively visit and contribute to the site.

For a current rate card, please get in touch with us by using the "Contact Us" form. Please select “Advertising” as a Subject. We have the following advert placements available:

  1. Banner Advert:
    These are the static or animated banners* shown in rotation on the left pane of each and every page (excluding the home page) of the web site.
  2. HotBox Advert:
    These are the smaller square adverts shown on the Member Profile pages and can be targeted to a specific audience. For example, if you are a travel agency and advertise a cruise, we can show your ad to only those members who specified “Travel” as one of their areas of interest. If you have a weight loss product, we can target it to Members whose body weight is more than average. This is perfect for targeting your product/service to an interested audience.
  3. Newsletter Advert:
    IntellectConnect sends out a newsletter every month to over 12,000 subscribers. You can place an advert for your event or product in this newsletter. There are a maximum of 3 advertising spaces available per newsletter on a first come, first serve basis.
  4. Link Advert:
    These are the text links shown in rotation within the Member Profile pages.
  5. Events:
    You can sign up for an Event Planner account (monthly fees apply) and post up your own events in our Events Calendar directly onto the site. You can invite members to your event, post pictures of the event, see who will attend and read comments about your events. This is perfect for Galleries, Museums, Concert Halls, and other cultural event providers.

* If you don't have your ad ready, you may inquire about the services of our graphics design team.