October 2012 Newsletter

Do Not Look for a Soul MateIntellectConnect’s home page states, "Whether you’re looking for a smart soul mate or friends who share common interests, our service will help you find them." It seems that finding a soul mate is a top priority of a lot of people. Just listen to what IntellectConnect members wrote in their profiles: "Ambitious professional entrepreneurial leader seeks his lifelo… Read all

August 2012 Newsletter

National Inventors MonthIn August, we celebrate the whole month! (We like to party-hardy like that.) It’s National Inventors Month! So the next time you turn on, well, anything, take a minute to appreciate the great mind that thought, “what if….?” and had the courage and the brains to make it happen. One inventor near and dear to our hearts is the man who created the internet. No, not Al G… Read all

July 2012 Newsletter

Keep out the haters Nobody wants their post hijacked by the son of the deposed king of Nigeria asking for money. At, we respect users’ privacy and don’t monitor messages. For this reason, we ask that you utilize the "Report" link whenever you come across spam (meaning unsolicited web advertising, not the canned meat - although you may want to stay away from that st… Read all